TheImageKIT - One stop Platform offering most popular image operations in magically simple way. Completely FREE. It provides features for 1. Compress

Bulk Image Downloader

A simple chrome extension that uses a script to download all images opened in a new tab - Right click on any image element and click the "add image to

Møre-Nytt large images

Loads Møre-Nytt standard with large images and allows clicking to zoom in. Control-click on an image opens it in a new tab. Møre-Nytt: https://www.mor

Kuznech similar4 plugin

Kuznech is the author of a unique technology, which can find similar images in seconds without doing any object recognition. Chrome store

SuperCrop - image cropping tool

This extension makes your life easier if you frequently crop images while browsing. It brings you these two advantages: ➊ Preview what images will loo