Skan Extension

This extension is used to collect some applications data elements as part of overall solution for its customer. Chrome store


Add-on for commmunicate RPA and Chrome browser, help automate web applications in Google Chrome. Chrome store


Remove facebook post from timeline 🔴 Sponsored: Remove sponsored ads 🔵 Suggested: Remove suggested for you 🟠 Activity: Remove friends activities co

Detect Scrolling

Detect horizontal and vertical scrolling in body from your website. Custom screen resolution. Fixed screen resolution: 320 x 480; 360 x 640; 417 x 736

HLX Studios Extension

The HLX Studios chrome extension show all the company-related links and websites as well give the user a small introduction on what the company does.

Agata Access Key

Agata Access Key - специальное расширение для предоставление доступа пользователям к ресурсам платформы Agata Chrome store